Top Things to Check When You Are Buying Your New House

Buying your new house might need more work than planning a wedding. It is not just a solid, long term investment you want to make for a significant amount of time, it might also be where you raise a family and gather the most important memories of your life. You might be going all out and putting all your savings into the pile or you might be planning to go for a 10-year mortgage. Either way, it is all your hard-earned money and that is why you need to make sure your roof does not fall on you after a year or so! Whether you are buying a used house or a newly built one, make sure you cross this checklist off to choose the ideal place to write that happily-after.

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Identify a Roof In Need Of Renovation

Before you set your foot inside the house during the viewing, take a walk around the house to check the roof. Check to see if it is relatively new or if it is caving in or features a gaping hole. If the roof seems new, this could be good news to you since it would only mean a lower insurance rate for the homeowners and smaller mess to deal with like leakages. Also, a roof built with sturdy material such as LVL, Laminated Beams are definitely safer choices.

Do Not Be Fooled By the Paint Job

Once you step inside the prospective residence, make sure you focus on the structural aspects more. An excellent paint job or upscale interior décor might just direct your attention away from ancient appliances, loose wiring and even leakages, which can be clearly noticed with chipping paint.

Pay Attention to the Temperature

You might be looking for the “hottest” house in the market, but you do not want it to be “hot”. If the internal temperature of the house is off it could probably mean that the heating and cooling systems of the house are shot. Replacing these can take a huge bite out of your savings and that is something you cannot simply afford.

Write Down Your Deal Breakers

Before you let the contemporary design and the great structure of the house lure you in, list down your deal breakers. Does it fit your lifestyle? Does it have enough storage? Enough light? Great countertops? A great big backyard? It is also a smart to go for a house with an extra bedroom if you are planning to have guests over or expand your family. And if you are running a business at home or employed at a stressful job, you might want to spring for a place with extra space for an entertainment area.

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Check Out the Plumbing

When you are wowing over your new kitchen, remember not to just check it out at the appearance level. Get underneath the sink area and inspect those pipes too. You should see if the taps are working. Check for leaks, mould and even any water damage. You might want to repeat the same thing for all the washrooms.


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