How to Throw an Outdoor Wedding on a Budget

Everyone dreams of having a fairytale wedding at a breathtaking location surrounded by exotic flowers and otherworldly decorations that guests gawk at with mouths agape. In reality, however, even the basic weddings can be very costly in Australia. If you want to avoid having your wedding inside a study hotel ballroom, you will have to choose a good outdoor venue. Throwing an outdoor wedding is only expensive when the costs are not carefully scrutinized. Do you really want to spend six-figures booking a venue close to a hip beach? There are better, and more affordable, solutions to throwing an outdoor wedding without going broke. Here are several suggestions:

Choose a Spacious Backyard as the Venue

The venue is typically the most costly purchase for outdoor weddings. Instead of paying a hefty price tag for booking a wedding venue, choose your own backyard. If it’s too small, ask a friend or a relative with a bigger yard or a garden to let you have the wedding there. It’ll be cheaper to pick a home as the site, even if you have to pay for it. Avoid the commercial outdoor wedding areas and look towards home to save money.

Get a Marquee and Have a Classic English Outdoor Wedding

Once you have the backyard or the garden secured, do get an outdoor marqueeto throw a demure but gorgeous wedding very much in the classic English style, like on “Downton Abbey”. Choose a white marquee to really emphasize the white in your wedding. You can also choose fewer flower decorations with a marquee without looking cheap. It’s also a great way to protect against the unpredictable weather in some Aussie cities like Melbourne.

Try Home Cooking Meals

Catering is another major expense at weddings. Some budget-friendly alternatives include ordering from family-run restaurants, as opposed to mega caterers that charge an arm and a leg. But if you are really cash-strapped, you can consider buying the ingredients and home cooking simple meals. If you or your spouse have some cooking experience, it would even be better. You can ask a friend who is a chef or is really good at cooking to help as well. This may not be the ideal option for many couples, but it’s still a great way to save money.

Gather Flowers from Home Gardens

Don’t spend too much money on flowers if you are having a budget outdoor wedding, or any at all. If you hold your wedding in a garden area, you don’t really need to add extra flowers. If the outdoor venue is relatively bare, you can add flower decorations with flora sourced from home gardens. It’s cheaper and actually more environmentally friendly.

Hire Students for Musical Entertainment

There a great way to avoid spending a fortune to hire entertainment for your outdoor wedding. Instead of paying for professionals, reach out to a local college, school, or an art university and hire student performers. They are much cheaper and more eager to perform and gain experience. Some might even play for free.

Above all, don’t stress about what you can or can’t afford. Your wedding doesn’t need to be too glamorous to be memorable or happy.


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