Should you get a pool?

Having your own pool sounds great in theory; it represents freedom for many people and offers a sports area or a relaxing activity all at once in your home where it’s easily accessible. However, building a pool is a massive investment, not to mention the continued costs of maintaining and cleaning the pool which is required to be done regularly. Access to a pool provides several benefits which will be elaborated further in this article along with its drawbacks.


This is often the primary association with owning a pool, as it allows the owners to relax and lounge in the pool area whenever they please. A pool is perfect to relax in after a long day and can be used for fitness purposes as well. Swimming at leisure is excellent for physical health and access to a swimming pool is likely to lead to increased physical activity. It is also a stress reliever even if one does not swim as one can just sunbathe or lounge in the pool area, even at night. The installation of pool lights increases the aesthetic quality of the pool and increases its usability at night. Other features such as heated water can be used although with additional components to the pool, it increases the operating cost. Heating the water via solar power using technologies such as solar pool heating Gold Coast which can help offset the cost.


A pool can be built in the ground, by digging a trench in the dimensions of the pool in the ground or built on the ground by constructing the pool on the surface. The former is more expensive but allows for more design options as well as size and the latter having more limited options but being cheaper. In-ground pools are also harder to remove later than on-ground pools. Aside from the initial cost of building the pool, maintaining a pool is also costly, and the water pumps should be running for around 10 hours a day which increases power consumption. The maintenance schedule may also increase costs, especially if hiring a third-party service to perform the routine maintenance. Having a pool may increase the value of the property it is in, however, which is a point to be considered.


Maintenance of a pool is a continual activity that will last as long as the pool is in operation. It should be done regularly and should be a point of consideration when getting a pool as some people would not be able to fit pool maintenance into their schedules. In this case, a third-party service provider would need to be hired which can add onto the costs.


There is also the possibility of an accident which require certain safeguards. The pool should be covered by a fence which cannot be opened by children in the neighbourhood who can enter without supervision and accidently drown in the pool. These safety measures should include fences that do not provide the opportunity to climb and self-locking gates.


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