How to Increase Your Home’s Value Using Lighting?

Home is where the heart is. It’s also where the money is. Your very own house is probably one of your biggest and greatest investments. Homeowners are always thinking up ways to upgrade their property and this almost always includes kitchen or bathroom remodeling to include the latest upgrades the industry can offer. People often forget, however, that you can use lighting too to work your magic on your house value. Here are some ways you increase your source of wealth by using this simple home upgrade.


Increase the eye-catching elegance you bring to your home by getting rid of those boring light fixtures in the living room and replacing it with a sophisticated chandelier. Not only does it make for a great wow factor when bringing guests over, but chandeliers are simple ways to make your house feel richer and it definitely screams upper class. You don’t always have to get a bulky chandelier; there are slender, drooping crystal fixtures that would be more suited to your home if you took the time to find them.

The Bathroom

The living room and dining room gets so much attention and detail, people often forget about their bathrooms. A simple way to uplift it is by replacing any overhead lights with wall-mounted lights. These add a touch of warmth to the space and by adding even lighting around your mirror you’ll be taking side shadows out of the picture. Just remember that softer lighting always makes a space feel more warm and welcome.

The Kitchen

We’re accustomed to thinking about remodeling our kitchen’s countertops, working on cabinet storage or the flooring but now it’s time to think about how to improve on your lighting. Insufficient light in the kitchen is almost like having poor lighting in an office- it decreases performance drastically while steadily increasing your frustration. There are three types of lighting you need to work on- general lighting (for you overall needs), task  (for more detailed tasks) and accent, which is great for creating an ambiance (and usually used to illuminate glass cabinets). You’ll truly benefit from some designer lighting here.

Natural Lighting

We didn’t just mean working on your artificial fixtures. Oh no, there’s plenty you can be doing naturally as well to up the appearance and value of your house. Use sheer curtains to let in as much natural light as possible. You can also use tubular skylights to brighten up hallways or darker areas of the house. By using natural light, you make your house feel more open and airier.


Your opportunities don’t stop indoors. Head outside and take a look around. You can install light fixtures that will highlight your outdoor features like the pathway, a water fountain, any fencing or fire pits, etc.  It brings about a magical feel to your garden. Places like the patio or deck could also benefit from some pendant fixtures giving off a soft light that creates a romantic atmosphere.

There are the best ways you can introduce better lighting into your home to up its value.


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