How Often Should Rental Property Inspections Be Done?

As a property owner, inspecting your property from time to time is essential in keeping it at its top condition. However, keep it in mind that as much as you want to check your building always, your tenants have the right to peaceful living without too much disturbance from you. Lesser inspections can lead to bigger problems and more expensive repairs when not addressed immediately. However, when you do it too often, your tenants might find you annoying and leave the place. If you’re curious on how often rental property inspections should be done, read along to be guided.

Moving-In and Moving-Out Time

Before a tenant moves in to your building, it is necessary to conduct a thorough inspection of the place where the new occupant will be staying. The present condition of the room is recorded so you know if there are some damages done at the end of the lease. When a tenant decides to move out, the area must also be checked for damages caused by normal wear and tear or tenant’s neglect or abuse. The damages caused by tenant are covered by the security deposit given at the start of the lease. Make sure your tenant is aware that his security deposit is on the line when there are damages so they will have to take care of your property during their stay.

Checking for Unauthorized Tenants

Unauthorized tenants refer to overstaying relatives or friends and even when your tenant starts housing a significant other without legal tenancy. A quick inspection is fine to see if there are extra people living in the place. Your tenant could be evicted since they have breached the lease agreement. Or you can let the extra resident to sign a new agreement ensuring that they will shoulder a certain part of the rent. They will also undergo tenant screening to make their stay legal.

Maintenance Checks

A regular maintenance check is essential to keep you on top of minor maintenance needs. Sometimes, your tenants may forget or fail to inform you about minor problems which could escalate if not attended to immediately. Perform a maintenance check every 3 to 4 months to keep your tenants satisfied and happy with the services and utilities they can use in their stay. The lesser complaints they have, the more likely they are to stay longer in your building.

Missed Rent

There are times when a tenant misses to pay the rent. If this happens, pay your resident a quick visit to see what’s going on and why he failed to pay the rent. By doing this, you might even help the tenant solve a minor issue to avoid eviction and looking for new tenants. If you find major issues that require legal action, book an inspection with a trusted property management company to settle things the legal way.

There are so many responsibilities a landlord must fulfil. Keep your building at its best condition and your tenants satisfied through property inspections.


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